About us

About us


Sippy has a mission: make sure everyone can have some fun whenever they want to, together.


With our team full of people who wants to make the best of every activity we are working to improve Sippy.

Sippy has a various team with characterized as enthusiastic and driven. We get energy from doing fun things, especially together. Do you think you fit in between? Take a look at our vacancies.


About Sippy

The idea of ​​Sippy started a few years ago when our founder, Klaas, wondered why it is so difficult for people to do spontaneous activities together. “Many people would much rather do fun activities together, but that doesn’t happen in practice. They spend too much time on Netflix and social media and forget to really meet each other”.

In the first period, the Sippy concept was developed and tested with many different type of users. The conclusions of this feedback was that people mainly need a tool to make agreements with like-minded people in the short term. They weren’t so much looking for a scheduling tool to schedule something over a few weeks. Since two years we have been actively developing the platform and testing it with users. This resulted in the launch of Sippy at the end of 2021.

“We hope that Sippy will help to really meet each other again and do fun activities together”. Do you also want to meet new people? Do you want to do fun activities? We hope to see you soon in the app.


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