The 5 best games to play in the park

The 5 best games to play in the park

Eva Mollema 9 June 2021
The 5 best games to play in the park

The sun is out and many people will be chilling in the park with each other. Chilling in the park with others is an activity that many people will do. Preferably while enjoying a cooling drink, but also with a fun activity. A game is an easy way to have fun, get to know each other, and enjoy the day together. But sometimes it’s hard to find a game that fits your mood. It can be too hot to move, the wind will blow the cards away or you are having too many/too few people for the game. How do you solve this? We have five games for you, these games are wind resistant, heat resistant, and easy to play with many or few people.

Tic, tac, toe


Really? Hell yes! Not on paper but in real life. This game works well in teams or one against one. Create nine squares on the floor using coats or branches, or whatever you can find. Divide the

participants into two teams. Take turns running to the space with an object of your team (team dots and crosses). The players take turns towards the field. The first team to have three of their items in a row wins.

Variation tip: Take a run-up of 20 meters to become an extra fanatic who will reach the playing field first!

Tic Tac Toe in the grass

Look away

Look away is a game when you feel like laughing and it’s too hot to move. Sit down in a circle. Everyone looks at the floor, one participant counts down from three. On one everyone looks at someone else in the circle. If you look at somebody who also looks at you then you are both out. The last two left have won.
Variation tip: To make the game a little bit longer you can play it a few times. The loser of a certain game gets a point. The person with the most points after 5 games has lost and has to do a dare devised by the other players.


This game is comparable to ‘Look away’. All participants sit down in a circle, each holding out one hand. The participant who starts (choosing himself) counts all hands per 5 (because of the 5 fingers). The participant counts aloud from the left to the right: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. Continue until the circle is complete. After this, the starter says a number out of the table of 5 (until the maximum number of players against 5 (5 people is 25 5×5)). The moment the starter extends his hand to him, you as a participant have the choice to make a fist (0) or stretch your hand (5). This is on the gamble, the starter counts the number of hands that are stretched (the number of fives). If this comes with the number he called, he is out of the game and “safe”. The others continue to play until there is only one person left. This is the one who lost the game. If the number that the starter calls is not the same as the number of fingers, the next one in the circle is allowed to pull his arm towards him and again says a number on the table of 5 (again until the maximum number of players).

Variation tip: This game is more fun with more people because of the elimination race, but it can also be played with two people. The loser gets a point. The first person with 4 points has lost the game and has to do a dare devised by the other player.

Hands in a circle playing a game


A small but fun game! Quite cheap and it can be found at the local games or bookstores. Qwixx is ideal to take with you on a day trip when you are going to chill together. The game is designed for two up to five participants and the goal is to achieve the highest score.

The game begins with the active player rolling all six dice. The active player announces the total of the two white dice. All players may then cross out that number from one of the rows on their score sheet. Finally, other players don’t have to cross out a number if they don’t want to.

The main rule is that numbers in each of the four starting rows must be crossed out from left to right. They need to be crossed out in succession/connection, but unless you have chosen a number in the row to cross out, you cannot go back and match the numbers earlier in this row. The player whose turn then adds the sum of one white dice and one of the dice. He may cross out (alone) that number on the active color row on his score sheet. The active player may also choose not to cross out this number. If an active player rolls the number at the end of the row, he may close it. The game ends if two rows are closed.

30 seconds

Everyone knows 30 seconds. A fun game where you have to describe the words on the card to your teammates within 30 seconds. If you do not have this game, it is still possible to play it! You can write some old school cards yourself or download the app ‘half a minute’. It works the same, the team that’s guessed as the first 30 subjects will win. On the other hand, this game is ideal for the park when you don’t want to take a board game with you.

Variation tip: With a creative twist you can also play with two persons, only then there will be no winning team ;-).

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